Sunday, September 13, 2009

once for all

dulu betul saya cakap die segala-galanya,
and i always, always said that i can't live without him.
after almost 5 years being together.
the relationship is matured, i think so.
but when we fight like this, i don't think so anymore.
and what i learn is that, in a relationship,
you will never enough learning about your other half.
there's always new things,new feelings, new stuff,new expressions that you need to learn.
in order to understand him,to make the relationship last.

kalau dulu saya selalu kata saya tak boleh hidup tanpa dia,
now i wonder how i survived for not talking to him or no single sms from him for almost a week.
the answer is, because i can.
betol,5 tahun bersama,

harga diri,

in the end you end up too depend on him,
you think you can't live without him.

kalau dulu (duluuuuuu)
tahun pertama:
gaduh pun saya boleh tahan tak contact die for 3 days(max 3 days cause i can't take it too long)
tahun ketiga:satu hari
tahun ke-empat:2 jam

and i realize that i always give up first and let him win,
whether he caused the fight or me,
i will be the one to broke and apologize first.
and i don't care about my ego anymore because i love him and i want to be with him 24/7.

tapi kali ni nekad, i want to win this time.
with the motivation from marliyana,i can do it!
heh, i am not sure myself.
but i have to.

what's going on in my head right now is ' he doesn't love me enough to call me or pujuk i ke?'
damn punye jantan.
can't you just put your ego aside for one minute?
makan ego kau puas2!!
heh, like i care. (i care!)

want to let out this stuff once for all,
i have lots of other thing to think and do,
my head is so messed up i can't write.
tanam kau dalam2.
nanti raya saya korek balik.

p/s: remaja pernah cakap, jgn pernah kata 'takde sape boleh sayang aku mcm die'
tapi aku buat jugak.sendiri tanggung


  1. kuat, sab.. really, i m not one who could gv u relationship advices..
    you wondered how did i take it all..
    ingat ni
    what doesnt kill u, make u stronger :)

  2. alaah yang,
    knowing that u'll always be there dah cukup,
    and u know wut,
    mar turn out to be really good in giving advice about relationship..

  3. wah biar betullll ? who says we need experience hmmmm