Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i suck at this

last week i went back home for 3 days..
on the Saturday morning,
in the flight to k.b,
there is a Chinese family sitting next to me,
and what caught my eyes is the daughter's bag,
that had this somekind of quote that says;
'why be the shadow when you can be the sun?'

those words somehow made me think.
yes, why is that we wanted to be something less when we can be something more?
or better?

me myself too.
always always afraid to be on top of others.
always always comfortable taking orders than giving orders.
what is that we are afraid of to put our self out there and just take the risk.

take the risk to be judged by others.
take the risk to be pointed finger at when something goes wrong.
take the risk to know your own weaknesses.
take the risk to learn things the hard way.

i want to be something more.
i want to be memorable.
i want to be extraordinary.
i want to be better.

better person.
better friend.
better sister.
better daughter.
better student.
i want to be better than what i am today.
just better..
but i certainly don't know how.
i guess i haven't learn enough,aite?

p/s: aku xtau ape yg aku bebel nih.

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