Friday, May 27, 2011

El cambio

Things in our life changes everyday. And it changes everything. Whether you like it or not.
Do you know when exactly things in your life start's to change?
You don't even realise it, don't you?

Me too.

Well, I am 24 now, just got a new job, need to move to a new house, meeting new people.
When did I get from there? (finger pointing to the left) to here? (finger's pointing to the right with an arced eyebrow).
Well, life's changed babe, whether you are aware of it, or not.
You can't undo it, cannot reverse it, or go back.

Embrace the change, make the best of it, Love it.


It was all that you can do  ;)
It won't stay, It'll change.
And you'll miss your chances.

Change is not a bad thing  you know.
Life give you misery, then it will bring you happiness,
Life brings you crappy boyfriends, then it bring you your soulmate,
Life give you  praises, later it will bring you down,
It brings you hardship, then it replace it with greatness,
It can be the other way around.
All you can do is,
Embrace it,
Make the best of it, 

Love it.

Love it, like I love you!

Love me because I won't always be here baby! 
Love me
Love me before I'm gone.