Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This heartbreak is unbearable,

Remember back then when I told you the scariest thing in life that could happen to me?
-Losing my family and the man I love.

Now I lost both,

See, I've told you this heartbreak is unbearable.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Memory of...

I wish you were here

Do you remember that night, I was sobbing under the cover?
I tried to keep as low so that you won't hear me.
But you did. Hear me sobbing.
You got anxious,confused. What's wrong baby? Did I do something that hurt you? What is it? Are you sick? Are you OK?
And that sob became louder, intensed. Running out of ideas, you hold me close. Put my face againts your chest.
Like I always liked it, like You always liked it.

And the tears subsided,

He's holding me close now. Like you always did.
Something somewhere is wrong cause I can't sleep.
My mind wanders to you , to us.
And the smell of your skin.


On top of everything I miss the way you smell the most.
I miss it.

Better yet, I miss the way I love you.
Now, it was just about comfort.

How I wish you were here.
With me Now.