Thursday, November 15, 2012

Strength vs Weakness

I always put myself in troubles because of my soft heart. I may not be the soft-spoken type of person. But I can ensure you that I have a soft heart. Ah
I can be mad, angry and wants to kill you in one second, then I'll feel bad and guilty  in the next second.

It is rather challenging because people/friends/family tends to look at you as the weak creature that easily get bullied by others or perhaps by them.

Oh yes, I have been bullied by my sisters as long I can remember back in where I was a kid.
But I just grew out of it.

A friend would always say "Ala, you/kau memang..bla bla bla..."
Well it hurts actually when someone said that, it makes me feels so small. And I would with all my might try to be "bigger" and be more "hard".

Well, that days is over.

I now, accept who I am, it is how I was build, it is how God has made me.

I'll deal with the guilt and regret but for now, that is it. I would rather not change.

It may be my weakness, but it is also my strength. Oh talking about how easily I forgive peoples in my life with just a single "sorry".
 Ah, soft heart.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


My sister is at Koh Lipe at this moment having the best moments in her life.
And I hate her.