Wednesday, November 25, 2009


u know what, my 11 years old niece has a blog too..
11? like,what is that?

the world today is so unexpected..
and her blog turn out to be quite impressive..
of course for a 11 years old , rite?

i pon x canggih macam die..
siap ade ikan2 la..glitter la..


mar xjadi pegi kelantan for aidiadha and so is seri...
quite dissapointing..
but what the hell, rite..
there's like trillion more years to come for us to celebrate it together..

so, i'm going back tomorrow..with my sister..
hopefully air dah surut..
let's hope..


i really trying here to not make my blog as my diary or whateva..
i'm sure people would not want to know what, where, why you are doing everyday..


owh.. i had a fight with my friend, bestfriend , sort of..
it's not like we really had a fight, but the situations is not so ... comfortable..
and it happen because of me and my bad mouth, and my typing fingers..
typing fingers? hahaha what is that?

so, i think a owe her a big giant apology..
the guilt is eating me ALIVE!


for the second day of raya i'm considering whether to go to my friend's house, or to my sister's friend wedding at terengganu..hurmmm


me and my soon to be ex-classmates are planning to go to some islands!!!!
kinda excited but, there are somethings that keeping me from going (with them)
they are kinda 'baik'
so if i go, i will have to wear something nice and baik too lahh..
like, no spaghetti, no hot pants, no swimming suites,no summer dresses ..
then what am i goin to wear?
track suite?
long sleves?

really need to think bout this one!

i miss my nieces so much..
sara, alya and baby..
i just love babies!
they are like sooooooo cute!


can't wait to see the 'valentines day' movie screening february nexxt year!
the preview seems to be sooo yummy...
there are shepherd, sloan. jennifer garner, jessica alba, jamie fox, julia roberts, anne hathway(she's my fav).

like shepherd and sloan!!!!!!!!!!!

haaa.... can't wait to seeeeee ittttttttttt.......

nite, love yah..


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