Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This is (not) me talking

There are so many a normal human can take.
You know that too much of anything can be harmful right.

As if now I felt that my job is finally taking toll on me.
For 4 consecutive weeks I spend 10-12 hours additional time working finally get to me.

So I think the 4 days weekend+Emergency leave+Labour's day is sufficient for my sanity to be restored.
And I plan to go back home since the last time I was home was during the Chinese New Year holiday.
 Which is like 3+ months ago. Gile lama kau tak balik tahap boleh jatuh title anak derhaka!
Sooo, I was excited/dying to go back because I really do miss home sooooo much.

My car broke down on Saturday and the engine was unable to be started for nearly 2 days. :(
There goes my overtime money WHICH I plan to use for the fuel+service for my car, but instead I ended up spending it on a new alternator + bla bla bla. :(   hate!!!

And today is Wednesday and I am working,
And still feeling so down.
Tomorrow is the last working day for this week meaning I only need to work for only 2 days!!! 
Friday is Wesak (another Public Holiday)
So :D

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