Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i dont know how to

life is ...what exactly?

is it a path with mysterious end or is it a story written so well and we're just playing our part?
i honestly don't know,

but what i know is,
life is hard,
for some people,
and not so hard,
for those people we consider as the lucky ones.

there types of people, or i would types of life.
the first goes to the lucky one,
royal, they get and do pretty much what ever they want.
and the richest of the richest too.
i won't bother about them.
i am not one of them, i don't socialize with those people.
talking about the more realistic ones,
closer to me one.

she is a friend.
not so close.
but a friend.
her parents are the rich people.
she gets a driver to drove her to school everyday,
and pick her up too.
never being fetch late.

then she goes to high school,
the kind of high school that only rich people's kids go?
i was bright though.
but not the 'WOW' bright,
she was okey.
then she finished high school and went to the most expensive college in the oversea.
had a blast of her life.
came back and literally.
do nothing.
because money was no problem to her.
or her family.
the are the rich people.

and observing her life,
i think.
no fair.
no fair.
she's beautiful, smart, and she got to keep everything.
and her parent too.
no fair.

and i did not have anything,
no parent,
no money,
no nothing.
my life sucks.
compared to her of course.

one thing about money is.
its drive you nuts!!
because of money,
i actually write this post.
i am mad to my boyfirend,
because he cannot talk to me everytime i called him,
except before he went to bed,
because he needs to work,
8am to 1 am,
everyday because he want to make more money.
and i am mad.
not to him
but to fact that i cant be mad at all.
because its is stupid and irrelevent.

so i am pissed off because of money!
 told you money drives you nuts!

i keep complaining that i don't have a life.
not true!
i don't have THE  money,
without money,
i can't go out and hang out with my friends,
i can't to shopping,
not even online!
i can't go to vacation,
i can't pretty much do anything.
that's why my world isn't moving for me.
because of the damn money.

and i promise to myself that i would never everrrr put myself in this pathetic little situation again!
i can live just alright without money.
fine, i know,
money isn't everything,
but everything needs money,
How's frustrating it is? Hurm


  1. money is out there..we just need to find a right way to reach it..

    saya pun alami mcm,money, money