Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today is the 19th of April 2012.
Marks the 7th year, 1 day, anniversary of my relationship with him.
And today is Thursday, that means I am Working today. So was yesterday.
No any kind of celebration / romantic dinner or whatsoever.And yet this morning he left for Phuket, obviously without me cause I am working. Damn it

If only I was a little heartless to left office with a little bunch of work to go to Phuket with him. Sigh.
I was never good at that. But I was mentally plotting a revenge scene in my head actually, WHICH will make him regrets the decision he make today. *Evil laughs in mind*

It's been long long long time since the last time this blog is updated.
Since I have started working here in May 2011, time isn't a luxury anymore.
Even on weekends I do not have time to update the blog/ or do anything.
Well, I only writes when I am inspired by something/someone.

There are a lot of things going on right now. Saving money like crazy for Bangkok and Bintulu trips in May, a good/crazy friend of mine is getting married in June. Mizah is getting engaged in June.Torn between going back KB for Seri's solemnization and Mizah's engagement. AAArrrrrrrr

From the conversation with a colleague that happen last week, changed my mind about the idea I have in mind to leave my current company, it's not that I have been searching for a new job or anything, it is just a plan. I am itching to go offshore, but it is just not the right time yet, according to our client of course. Maybe in the near future , InsyaAllah.

You know what,
I feels so blessed and grateful for everything that happen in my life.
Because through the up and  down, we learn a lot.
Like really a lot but it is just that we failed to notice.
You'll learn
whom to trust,
what not to expect,
who you could actually trust,
family over anything,
time over money,
and so on.

I have met many new friends/people that are interesting, boring, narcissistic, adventurous, sarcastic, mind blowing,you name it.
Work taught me about patient, hope, self-defense, positive attitude, strong and to have faith.
Faith is awesomezing. When you have faith, you ain't afraid of anything, you believe in yourself and people around you, you believe that what goes around comes back around, you'll know where to stop, you know who had your back.

Most importantly, you know that The Almighty is always always always with you in any circumstances, everytime you are hurt, everytime when you lost hope, everytime when you lost strength, everytime you miss your parent, everytime when crying is the only way to sooth out the pain, everytime when you are in doubt, and everytime you are in love. He is with you when you believe.

Thank you for always have my back, thank you giving me life, thank you for choosing me to be one of your believer.For that, I am most grateful.

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