Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i forgot you still have pieces of me

Few days ago, my bf lend me his car for a few days..
it's easier for me to go anywhere i want, a.k.a he's tired of being my driver..haha
so, these occasions happened when i got the car for myself for these few days..

1)i went to my sister's house to visit my nenek and nenek stayed with my two nieces, fatin and aina while their parent went to perform Hajj , they'll be back in 20+ th dec..

2)i went to my bestfriend house and had a sleepover since we had so many things to talk about so a 2 hour meeting would'nt do it..rite..

3)i went to my school reunion which consists only my geng members..hakhak
me, kakchik, masni, nomy, sarah and yati met at the d'klasik and chatting, and eating, and chatting for hour and hours sampai lebam!hahaa

4)two days later, me, sasha and meddy met at sarirasa kopitiam.. and we sat there like from 2.30 pm til 6.30 pm.. sampai sakit bontot wei..hahaha..and it was fun! me , shasha and meddy went to the same tuition centre back in high school,, so we are pretty close to each other, plus meddy went to the same matriculation college with me and her room is near to mine back at matric!

5)tomorrow i'll be meeting my girlfriends: aya and yan at mr cook's place, i don't know where the hell is mr cook is, but never mind since my bestfriend will be picking me up and we'll go to that place together, howww yeah!!

6)i'll be going to laili's sister's wedding this saturday!hakhak..

being hom for almost a month was not boring after all rite!!haha

p/s: my bf just take back the car from me..haha

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