Tuesday, August 18, 2009

please..not me, k??

i hate this feeling
this one
the feeling that make u tear..

eveythin' around me move so fast..
i can't hold on to anything..
i juz want to cry..
and let go of every these bullshits feeling go..

please..not me
i hate when i be the reason why they broke up, because he likes me..
i hate it when my friend accused me for stealing her 'crush'
i hate it when people said how lucky i am to have this and that
i hate how i used to treat some of my friends like shit!
i hate when they said that i am pretty
i hate when they said things behind my back!
who i called friends
n i hate when they treat me like shit!
i hate to be this person i am rite now..
i miss my friends so much..
the one back in school
the one back in matriculation
they meant a lot to me
they be part of the reason what i am today

p/s : aya, yan, nana, mimi,mar,ika,lambie,she,medu,esoh
miss u guys a lot!!!

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