Wednesday, July 22, 2009

love is in d air!!

LOVE is in d air! that's right!
owh, i'm so in love..feel so blessed that he's in my life..
yeah, that's him, the reason i want to live,love and die.. all becoz of him!
well, we juz got back from perhentian islands few days ago. and i love every single moment i spent with him. he makes me feel safe, comfortable,loved, lived! and i miss him so much i want cry!
well i did actually, emo huh?!
u can't help it when u're in lovee right.
every other thing does not matter, what's matter is u and ur own world. he's my world. we've been together for 4 years now. can't believe how fast time fly by. 4 of ups and downs years. 4 of happy and painful years. 4 years of laughter and tears.4 of hates and loves years. 4 of my precious love life.

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